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TLG Revegetation Project 2020

Shelter Belt Reveg Fulham Rd
Project Description:

Tasman Landcare will supply 2000 trees (max. 200 per applicant) for suitable revegetation projects in the Tasman Catchment.  This year we don't have funding to supply guards stakes and mats. 

Project Run By: Tasman Landcare Group

Project Background:
Applicable projects include
  • enhancing/restoring native riparian vegetation
  • create linkages to reserves and remnant vegetation
  • extend and improve the condition of native vegetation
  • plant a shelter belt
  • control erosion
  • rehabilitate and enhance vegetation impacted by fire
Project Aims:
  • improve native vegetation
  • create wildlife habitat and corridors
  • reduce erosion
  • lock up carbon
Project Activities:

Land owners are supplied with native plants local to the area up to 200.  This year wed on't have funding for mats, guards and stakes.  In return the land owner sets up any fencing required, plants all the trees and also maintains them into the future.

Many thanks go out to Dave and Zoe at Froghollow Nursery, Saltwater River, who grew the native plants for the Tasman Landcare Group and provide appropriate advice on species selection for the land owner.


Project Contact: John Hueston
Position: Tasman Landcare Project Officer
Organisation: Tasman Council
 1713 Main Rd
Project Contributors:
Landcare Tasmania
Tasman Council
Tasman Landcare Group

Project Funding:

Tasman Landcare Group run this program through various funding sources.  We aim to keep this an open and accessible annual long term project.  Initially starting as part of an Australian Government funded project, the group now applies for small grants when available and has been utilising their fund raising activities.