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Community Revegetation Project 2022

Impression Bay revegetation project
Project Description:

Tasman Landcare's Community Revegetation Project is on again this year aimed at improving our landscapes, water quality and biodiversity by getting more native trees and shrubs growing in the Tasman Catchment.

It is open to property owners / organisations for projects in the Tasman Catchment (Forcett through to the Peninsulas).

A total of 2000 tubestock trees and shrubs are available with a maximum allocation of 200 per applicant. Only trees and shrubs native to south-east Tasmania will be supplied.

Guards, stakes and jute mats are not available - you will need to provide these (or similar measures) to protect your plants from our charming local wildlife until they have established.

Project Run By: Tasman Landcare Group

Project Background:

This project has been running for a number of years subject to available funding and has resulted in a numerous new shelter belts, enhancement of riparian vegetation, restoration of degraded areas, stabilsation of unstable slopes and erosion control. It is typically aimed at small/medium projects (up to a couple of hundred trees/shrubs) but can assist part of a larger multi-year project. 

Project Aims:
The project is aimed at:
  • enhancing/restoring native riparian vegetation
  • creating linkages to reserves and remnant vegetation
  • extending and improving the condition of native vegetation
  • planting a shelter belt
  • controlling erosion
  • rehabilitating and enhancing vegetation impacted by fire

(projects for other reasons will be considered)

If you have an area you own (or have permission from the landowner) which needs revegetating please follow the application instructions. If you need further information please get in touch.

Applications will be assessed in March and plants are likely to be available after April. 

Later applications will be accepted if the full quota of trees hasn't been allocated.

Project Activities:

If you are interested please complete the following application form:

community revegetation project 2022 application form

and email it to:


or bring it in to Tasman Council.

Succesful applicants will be supplied with native trees and shrubs local to the area. In return the land owner undertakes the planting, protects the trees from local wildlife (by guards / fencing) and commits to maintaining them into the future.

Project Contact: John Hueston
Position: Tasman Landcare Project Officer
Organisation: Tasman Council
 1713 Main Rd
Project Contributors:
Tasman Council
Tasman Landcare Group

Project Funding:

Tasman Landcare Group run this program through various funding sources.

Thanks to Tasman Council for contributing to this project through their community grants program and to Wildseed Tasmania native plant and seed nursery in Sorell for supplying the plants and expert advice on suitable species and how to succesfully grow them.